Case Study

Servicing niche demographics with OnePay

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A unique set of challenges

OnePay, a specialist payment provider working in the seasonal migrant workforce sector. This sector has its own set of unique challenges as being low income, transient and potentially high risk. Covid-19 has highlighted how important and how much our way of life is dependent on the work this sector does. Fruit picking, packing, delivery and other key manual jobs have been crucial at keeping the UK safe during this turbulent period.

oneway credit card

The Brief

Create a targeted payments platform

OnePay wanted to create a payments platform specifically targeted at supporting this underrepresented and challenging segment. A tailored payments platform that would effectively and efficiently service this demographic enabling them to onboard easily and quickly access and manage their wages in a secure and user-friendly way.

The project needed to take in to account that the end users were using older devices not suited to the newer fintech apps. Loyalty was also a key aim as OnePay wanted users remain loyal even after their stay in the UK has ended.

The Solution

Launchpad to market in 12 weeks

Launchpad Classic is the digital banking solution that is readily deployable with the agility and speed required in today’s digital
world. It is a perfect solution for programmes wanting a fully customisable and flexible front-end solution. Launchpad Classic, a single application that offers true customisation from user journey to functionality.

With Launchpad Classic programmes can select from the existing range of features and Bolt-ons or leverage Pannovate’s Innovation Lab to create something bespoke and/or combine the two. By using Pannovate’s modular approach and existing features time to market can be as short as 12 weeks.

Without, LaunchPad’s low cost entry point and powerhouse of tech flexibility, our ability to connect and pay our end users has been a challenge. The slick and intuitive user interface makes OnePay accessible to our end users, increasing our card reach and the wide card acceptance ensures our frequency of use, both core to the success of our initiative.

Lee Hartley

CEO, OnePay



Benefits for OnePay with Launchpad

Launchpad Classics’ agnostic integration ability enabled OnePay to select the most business appropriate partners to create a payments ecosystem best suited to their target sector.

Launchpad addressed the demographics key challenges:

  • Multilingual functions enabled end users to use their native language to boost confidence and usage
  • Launchpad’s attractive front end is responsive to all devices created a straightforward and easy to use interface
  • Secure onboarding with document verification
  • Essential right user experience for this demographic which was quick and intuitive
  • Lightweight app (Low storage) for end users who did download the app and a mobile responsive web site to facilitate customers who were unable use the app
  • Launchpad Classic’s robust infrastructure effectively managed the higher than sector benchmark onboarding rate of end users
  • The personalised user interface and functionality created a best fit for their challenging demographic

Pannovate’s Launchpad analytics suite is the powerhouse behind harnessing OnePay’s volumes of data to provide clarity at both low and high levels for effective programme management. Launchpad’s analytics gives OnePay a real time, unparalleled 360-degree view of their platform, enabling OnePay to always be in control of their programme and end users.

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