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Introducing Syllo

The solution to all your payments supply chain questions

Our customers have the luxury of choice and freedom to engage with multiple suppliers globally ensuring that their combination of suppliers its best fit for their business growth strategies. Because of Syllo’s unique infrastructure new services, be it digital banking or cross boarder payments, can be added to our customer’s platforms with minimal disruption.
Equally, business changes such as swapping one service provider for another do not affect the integration end-points for our customers platforms ensuring their users are not impacted. Syllo gives our customers the ability to create mini ecosystems specifically targeted at a key user segments, ensuring our customers comply with specific regulations and ensure they have the most cost-efficient solution in place.

What is Syllo?

Logic & integration

LaunchPad’s Syllo powers the logic and integrations of the Bankments (banking and payments) supply chain. Syllo provides our customers with access to the required services and allows them to create custom business journeys that best serve their current and future business objectives, even if they use multiple suppliers.

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Global connectivity & integration

Syllo’s strength and superiority comes to the fore when customers are looking to develop integration into other supply chains.

Syllo demonstrates true differentiation with not only offering agnostic integration with in the payments and banking ecosystem but integration with other services.

syllo flexibility mobile

Flexibility &

This enables our customers to design unique online value propositions that create customer value, market differentiation and leadership. Our customers can integrate with services such as wealth management, crypto or take advantage of some of the integrations. Syllo has already facilitated such as the Crowdfunding or Expense Management Bolt-Ons.


Syllo’s truly agnostic infrastructure enables customers to design their digital architecture so it fits their business model, perfectly, with who every they want to work with. Syllo’s flexibility and choice means our customers are not tied to a supplier, user front end or supply chain journey.

If speed to market is a primary driver, Syllo can be employed with any of Pannovate’s market ready front-end products while customers develop their own user front end. Syllo offers a world of choice while ensuring security and stability.

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