Launchpad Corporate

The next gen business account platform

Launchpad Corporate is Pannovate’s next generation business account platform for domestic and international payments. Following an extensive (market) research and development phase, Launchpad Corporate was designed to include only the most relevant features which satisfy the most ambitious of businesses.

Different by design

Making the user experience key

We designed Launchpad Corporate differently. Rather than starting with the tech, we started with the user experience. Following swathes of groundwork, Launchpad Corporate was created as an out-of-the-box solution to make 20 parties’ worth of technical integrations work seamlessly with the look and feel to “convert” even the most hyper-critical customer to use your product.

Features include elements such as enhanced statements with real-time notifications, multi-currency cross-border payments and transfers, multi-party pay-out and many more. Our innovative Bolt-On Solutions enable clients to add functionality quickly and cost effectively to create a finance platform that works for them. The modular nature of Launchpad Corporate makes it cost viable and flexible enough to create an attractive and unique banking solution. Other attractive benefits of Launchpad Corporate are its light integration and implementation requirements, meaning less disruption and easy to market delivery.

Our expertise and experience built-in Launchpad Corporate, means you can shape your customer experience with the knowledge that your design will be received as intended and that your users will have access to Launchpad Corporate on their computer (web app), smart phone (mobile app) or tablet (responsive web app). Our system ensures the customer receives the rich experience you intended them to have using intuitive interfaces and native security.

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Core features

KYB & KYC sign up

KYB/C together with PSD2 compliant SCA makes the sign up and user authentication frictionless and secure.

Physical & virtual cards

Choose between physical or virtual cards. Instant access to funds in seconds with a virtual card, which can be tokenised to mobile wallets.


Accounts can be opened quickly and easily, in one or many currencies, all of which are integrated in to various agency banking providers.

Permanent & temporary cards/accounts

The flexibility to create single transaction cards or accounts for one off events or activities that expire after the transaction is completed.

Multiple FX accounts

Our multi-currency solution allows the create of multiple accounts in multiple currencies within the same virtual ledger.

Business & personal banking

Launchpad Corporate allows you to hold all your accounts in one place not just your business banking but your personal accounts too.

Cross border payments

Launchpad Corporate offers a limitless global payment ecosystem.

P2P & P2C transfers

Launchpad Corporate enables ledger-2-ledger transfers, allowing customer to transfer funds in real time conveniently and securely.


Advanced features

launchpad corporate advanced features

Enhanced statements

Filter transaction by time, date, incoming, outgoing and also get insights into spend or earn by groups. Downloadable as both PDF and CSV.

Scheduled payments

Set regular or one-off payments. Select groups of suppliers or accounts to set mass payments on specific days or regular intervals.

User management

Manage, anticipate and predict customer requirements quickly and accurately with Bankvault.

Alerts & notifications

Set alerts to enable easier monitoring, control, and optimisation of your funds. Set controls to monitor outgoings or even missing but expected income.

24/7 chat support

A live customer services function which facilitates real time user contact, so you are never out of touch.


Create a points or cash back reward scheme for a segment of your choice. Employee incentive schemes or a customer loyalty programmes.


Support for all the major mobile wallet brands and can facilitate enablement of a tailored HCE wallet that links into MDES or VTS.

Expense management

A centralised view with full control of all your employee expenses and company payments.


Launchpad Corporate offers a comprehensive Payroll payments settlements system that is fast and effective.

Multi language

Our multi-language module adapts the language to the location to ensure your customers have a clear understanding of your product.

Cashflow & business tracker

A sophisticated animated dashboard that enables complete visualisation of your existing income and expenditure as well as forecasting.

...and more

Launchpad Corporate has even more unique features. Get in touch to find out more.

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