Making the
physical digital


Creating unique user experiences

Tinkar is a clever application which turns your device into a gateway that merges the physical with digital to create an immersive and personalised experience. Tinkar enables you to take traditional campaigns to a new level by delivering tailored messages and creating unique user experiences.
tinkar ipad ar

Augmented Reality

Creativity and interactivity

It allows you to enhance your customer’s experience by superimposing a digital universe to a target image or object. You can incorporate different media from simple audio and visual to 3D games. With Tinkar you can enhance your customer’s user experience, increase real-time connectivity through social media which results in creating unique and personal touchpoints for your customers.


Why use Tinkar

Tinkar is a creative and innovative solution that adds creativity and interactivity to card products, marketing campaigns or web experiences. With a comprehensive analytics suite, you can track and analyze user interaction and engagement to enhance your sales journey or to increase engagement and loyalty. Tinkar is only limited by our client’s imagination.


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