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Payroll Solutions

Prepaid and debit solutions to ensure staff receive their payments promptly whilst ensuring seamless back office management.

Launchpad Corporate offers a comprehensive Payroll payments settlements system that is fast and effective. Save time and save those payroll-related mistakes, Launchpad Corporate automatically pays FTE, freelancers or contractors on a chosen date. Choose from one off payments, salaries or invoiced amounts; Launchpad Corporate’s payroll function is flexible enough to cope with the staff resource demands of the most agile businesses.

Remittance & Transfer

Remittance and Money Transfer

Changing the way we make cross border payments using a variety of mediums from traditional to untraditional rails.


Expense Management

Simplified data capture and automated processes to make expenses easy.

A centralised view with full control of all your employee expenses and company payments. Enjoy full visibility with our spending overviews, automate selected expense claims to expedite claims or sort by claim type for authorisation, providing you with a clear audit trail for trouble free reconciliation. Tag transactions for easy analysis and authorisation.


Multi Currency Solutions

Multi-wallet or account solutions for even the most demanding.

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