Pannovate today announced their formal move into providing complete end-to-end Managed Services for their Fintech, Regtech and Paytech clients.Pannovate’s new Managed Services is a positive addition to their existing innovative product portfolio and complements their expansion and further investment into the payments space.

Pavle Ljujic, CEO and Founder at Pannovate

It was becoming apparent with the new entrants and pressure on larger businesses to deliver whilst running the day to day, that leveraging our experience in delivering programmes and enabling us to run the process was actually what our clients needed. After many discussions with the Schemes, they were very keen for us to offer a comprehensive service so clients can go from inception to live with a technology provider that has a track record of delivering market leading solutions. Our modular approach to constructing payment solutions means we can be the first provider of managed services that is without geographical restrictions.

Pannovate has previously seen success with the launch of their awardwinning front end application LaunchPad, which was swiftly followed by the creation of their smart middleware product, Syllo. In this next step, the company will be able to offer global programme management due to the smart design of the Pannovate product portfolio. Pannovate can manage clients supply chains removing a key pain point and ensuring speed to entry for new geographies, realising the payment opportunities within them.

Pavle Ljujic, CEO and Founder at Pannovate

There was no reason for clients to be restricted by integrations, we can support a mixture of client needs for credit, prepaid and debit products, for business and consumer; which means we can power the next payment game changer. We believe in quality and exceeding customer expectation. Our partners believed we would be a strong partner for our customers to work with to ensure their success.

Pannovate Managed Services offers a full end to end supported offering which enables customers to go to market quickly and simply without compromising on the quality of their value proposition. All Launchpad products have a digital first infrastructure, meaning frequent releases of new and improved functionality, delivered effectively with close collaboration with our clients and partners.