Pannovate solutions allow you to leverage the benefits which digital offers, with the user affinity to real "see-it and touch-it and take-it-home-with you.

Pavle Ljujić CEO

Cards in our lives

Cards are one of the most ubiquitous and convenient form factors for a variety of uses in our business and personal lives - business cards, gift cards, credit cards and ID cards, are used millions of times per day.

However, when compared to our ever more interactive world, even the best-designed cards can appear somewhat uninspiring- conveying little more than a logo, flat imagery and perhaps some small print on the back.

While it's true to say that we aren't yet ready to drop the humble card in favour of mobile apps for everything, there must be a better way to interact with that piece of plastic.


Pannovate develop market leading card personalisation, and Augmented Reality tools for the card industry. Featuring white label, self-service web & mobile app functionality, for the Gift, Debit and Credit card verticals.

These tools provide everything needed by banks, retailers, and corporations to deliver unique, inspiring and even interactive card based content.


Our web products use HTML5 and JavaScript technology, meaning that - unlike Adobe Flash based solutions - our product can achieve complete uniformity across all (internet browsing) devices without the need for a native application.

Taking stock of the continued increase in internet access from mobile devices, such a feature presents a significant advantage.

Customer deployment is done through our API, which allows for easy integration into a 3rd party on-line portal and hence allows our customers to customise our products in whichever way they see fit.


Our mobile applications (Android/ iOS/ BlackBerry) use embedded augmented reality engines and image recognition algorithms and are available either as a product, a white label product or an SDK.

Pannovate's products have been recognised and adopted by a global top 5 merchant acquirer, a leading financial institutions in the Balkan's region and a UK football club, to enhance their own product offering, as no other card personalisation tools provides so many features in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.