Pannovate solutions allow you to leverage the benefits which digital offers, with the user affinity to real "see-it and touch-it and take-it-home-with you.

Pavle Ljujić CEO

Making Is Mobile

LaunchPad is Pannovate’s latest offering, and highlights our ability to answer market demand with a turn-key solutions for customers looking to go to market quickly and cost effectively. LaunchPad provides a bank “in-a-box” product for a wide variety of issuers. An innovative solution that is launch ready in 10 weeks or less, that is flexible and customisable to meet most needs

Cards are still relevant

Genesis is a full 360° prepaid card management solution with the added functionality of having a creative and interactive design a card feature, allowing participants the ability to personalise their card or group of cards. The Genesis solution meets both issuers’ and acquirers’ needs for functionality and useability.

Personalised Engagement

Merging digital with the physical to produce a unique and interactive environment.

Driven by augmented reality technology TinkAR allows organizations to add another layer of enhancement to traditional campaigns. This enables static print to be interacted and immersive by incorporating multimedia content eg 3D multiplayer game, video, audio or text and images into a one medium.

Innovation Collaboration

PanCo-lab is an innovative solution to provide a space to allow ideas to proliferate and move from concept to delivery. PanCo-Lab enables innovators to explore their ideas further and collaborate with the Pannovate creative team and extensive network, to produce market challenging products.