Pannovate managed services

Our unique service and product offering means Pannovate is the only partner you will ever need.

Introduction to Pannovate
Managed Services

Pannovate Managed Services leverage forty years’ worth of experience to offer an accelerated launchpad for delivery. Combining expertise of trusted and proven organisations that have built fintech and next-generation digital banks by providing a turnkey financial innovation platform which revolutionises programme management.
It eliminates the complexities associated with launching a banking and/or payment value proposition with speed to market by providing an aggregated service offering, with one simplified commercial agreement.

Pannovate Managed Services enables fintechs and digital banks to go to market quickly and simply without compromising on the quality of their proposition. It’s all about ensuring as an industry we enable the power of ‘better banking’ for all.

Pannovate Managed Services
include but are not limited to:

Pannovate Managed Services

Bankments Platform

The current (digital) banking and payment, aka bankments, ecosystem is not an easy place to navigate. There is a plethora of suppliers occupying a different segment of the value chain, while also interacting with each other. To make matters even more confusing everyone is using the same terminology and seemingly offering a similar service.
Pannovate’s Bankments platform funnels the entire ecosystem into a easy and customisable user experience or a few simple API calls, which ensures that your programme is not only in-sync with today’s requirements, but also ready for whatever the future may bring.
Our unique service and product offering mean’s Pannovate is the only partner you will ever need.

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