Well, it’s a short name for the acquiring bank. The acquirer is the financial institution where the shop (or merchant ) hold their bank account (aka merchant’s account). The acquiring bank communicates the shop’s transactions to the issuing bank to request the money.

The main difference between Acquirers and Issuers?

Issuers are on the cardholder side or where the money is coming from whereas acquirers are on the businesses side so are accepting cards and payment ie where the money is going to. Issuers provide cards to end user (which can be customers or businesses) 

Acquirers help shops accept card payments. So completing the circle of card to acceptance.

Why are Issuers important to Merchants?


Issuers are important to merchants because, without them, consumers couldn’t have credit, debit, or prepaid cards to pay for purchases. Also, issuers hold most of the leverage when it comes to the chargeback or dispute process. It’s up to the issuer to make the final decision on whether a merchant receives a chargeback or not . Generally the issuer will side with the consumer unless there is evidence to suggest otherwise.

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